Do you love the Natural History Museum? Well did you know, they also have a smaller, and just as fascinating museum located in Tring, Hertfordshire?

It features over 4900 specimens of natural history, across 5 galleries, which includes everything from bugs and butterflies to an extinct giant sloth (and pretty much everything in between)! The museum also has a gallery featuring temporary exhibits that change throughout the year.

Tring Museum was originally the private museum of Lionel Walter, 2nd Baron of the Rothschild family, who at the age of only 7 announced he wanted to "make a museum". The museum building itself was built in 1889 as a 21st birthday present for the Baron, and when he passed in 1937, it was passed over to the management of the Natural History Museum.

Entry to the museum, which is located on Akeman Street, is completely free (though donations to help with the upkeep of the museum are obviously welcomed), and there is a free car park located right next to the building too. 

For more information and to book tickets, visit their website here.

How to get here: The museum is located in central Tring and is most easily accessible from the Wendover Arm. Just moor up at Little Tring Bridge and the museum is less than a 30 minute walk or a 5 minute cycle ride through the countryside and then the town.

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