Red Kites in the Chiltern Hills

Red Kite Flying in the Chilterns

Have you ever seen a Red Kite? Well here in the Chiltern Hills, you'd be hard pushed to miss them! 

These beautiful birds were almost extinct in recent times, but following a successful reintroduction programme that the RSPB started in 1989, the Chilterns are now regarded as one of the best places to admire these majestic birds in all their glory. So if you are a keen bird watcher, this is sure to be one of the highlights your visit to the area.

With an impressive wingspan of up to 195cm, an incredibly distinctive squawk and their deeply forked tails, they are easy to identify. And there are lots of them, so you'll never be short of a great photo opportunity

Come and explore the stunning wildlife that the Chiltern Hills has to offer, and on a canal boat holiday with us, nature will be right outside your door!

Close up of a Red Kite with forked tail

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